Google Calendar: Book and Cancel Appointment

Learn how to book, edit details of, and cancel appointments

Section 1: Booking and editing details of an appointment

Step 1: Follow the appointment link provided.

↓ Step 2: Type in your Email and Password associated with your Google Account and log in.

↓ Step 3: A page will load, similar to the one depicted, where you can select an open seat.

↓ Step 4: Clicking on an open seat will open a window, similar to the one depicted, with some details filled in. Please review the details and then click Save.

↓ Step 5: Clicking save results in the previous window closing, and a new one, similar to the one depicted, opening. Select View / edit in Google Calendar.

↓ Step 6: After clicking “View / edit in Google Calendar” a page, similar to the one depicted, will open. Please review the different options available to you, and pay special attention to the Reminders that you can set.

Section 2: Canceling appointments

*Please note that taking the time to cancel an appointment, if you can not make it, allows another to book the slot that you would make available. Please be considerate and remember to cancel.

↓ Step 1: In Calendar view, click on the slot that was created when you booked the appointment. A window, similar to the one depicted, will open. Verify that this is the appointment you would like to cancel and click Cancel appointment.

↓ Step 2: Clicking “Cancel appointment” results in a window, similar to the one depicted, opening to confirm that you will be deleting the appointment. Please select the “Delete & notify guests” option to complete the cancelation of your appointment.