Upgraded plugins: Custom Author Byline, Disqus, Google Calendar Events

The following plugins were upgraded today on the J-School network:

  • BuddyPress from v1.2.8 to v1.2.9
  • BuddyPress Group Email Subscription from v2.8.5 to v2.8.6 (changes)
  • BuddyPress Template Pack from v1.1.1 to v1.1.3 (changes)
  • Custom Author Byline from v1.1 to v1.2 (changes)
  • Disqus Comment System from v2.65 to v2.66
  • Geo Mashup from v1.3.10 to v1.3.11 (changes)
  • Google Calendar Events from v0.6 to v0.7 (changes)
  • GPP Slideshow from v1.0.9 to v1.1.1 (changes)
  • Members from v0.1.1 to v0.2 (changes)
  • NextGEN Gallery from v1.7.4 to v1.8.1 (changes)
  • Polldaddy Polls & Ratings from v2.0 to v2.0.4 (changes)
  • Restrict Multisite Plugins from v1.1.1 to v1.1.3 (changes)
  • SoundCloud Shortcode from v1.2 to v1.2.1 (changes)
  • Subscribe2 from v6.3 to v6.4 (changes)
  • Yet Another Related Posts Plugin from v3.2.2 to v3.3.1 (changes)

As always, feel free to leave install requests in the comments or file a support ticket.